The Center For Self Rule is an educational organization established for the purpose of advocating the philosophy of Autarchism or “belief in self rule”.

Advocates of the philosophy are autarchist (from Greek, “one who believes in self rule”), while the state in which everyone rules themselves and no one else is called autarchy (from Greek αὐταρχία autarchia, “state of self rule”).

Autarchy includes but is not limited to: self-rule, self-ownership, self-government, self-sustenance, self-control, self-mastery, self-reliance, self-defense, rational self-interest, self-improvement, self-esteem and personal responsibility.

An excellent explanation of Autarchism is presented in the following essays:

A Way To Be Free – by Robert LeFevre

Autarchy – by Robert LeFevre

Autarchy vs. Anarchy – by Robert LeFevre


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